Wind Song

by Jacob Peter

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Written, recorded and produced by Jacob Peter
All instruments by Jacob Peter
Artwork for cover by Andrea Pawarski (


released December 1, 2014

First of all...HUGE thanks to everyone who I've played with that have inspired me over the years (Tom Vayo, Corey Bzibizak, Pat Harrington, Bert Lysander, James Harris, Evan Laedke, Gus, Tom Burtless, Gabe Wells, Colleen Conklin, Devin Case..the list goes on). Also wanna thank my family for constantly supporting and embracing what I do. Wanna thank Tom Vayo a second time for letting me use all his equipment for months (years) on end and being a great mentor since meeting him way back. Love you all!! Hope ya dig it.



all rights reserved


Jacob Peter Buffalo, New York

Jacob Peter is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter out of Buffalo, NY. He's been into Spongebob re-runs lately. That's about it.

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Track Name: Stella
Stella sitting by the stairs,
Cause she’s lonely.
Waiting for the call that says,
You have made it.
(Beauty talks)
For her, whispers.

Stella walks across the stage,
‘cause she’s made it.
Running from the things she said
In her past.
(“I’ll never be”)
She’s so lonely.
Track Name: Waiting
I go inside and sit right down.
Faces of clowns dancin’ all around.
Their bodies move in a similar way,
and someone says, “Are you ok?”

I answer with a boyish smile
as I think of something worthwhile.
I turn and look and freeze in place.
There she is at arms length.

I’ve been waiting a long time, I can’t believe she’s here.
In front of me, I’m floating, we’re swimming through the sea.
How can this be?
I blink once, slip into the bed I made last week.

Throwing stones at my memory,
wondering if we’ll finally meet.
It’s 3 am like the night before.
The lady then knocks on my door.

Is this real, well is this fate?
Surely it is much too late.
I cannot say I’m not afraid,
I do not want to be betrayed.

I’ve been waiting a long time, I can’t believe she’s here.
Finally, it’s happened, she’s really in front of me.
I’m on my knees,
she smiles, well now I can go to sleep, tonight.

I’ve been waiting a long time…
(Drinking my blues, prepping the noose, now I feel alive.)
(Walking alone, watching the phone, now I’m feeling fine.)
(Taking a blow, seeing it show, was all inside my mind.)
(Running the red, stop when I’m dead, now I’ll take my time.)
Track Name: Burned by Love
Fall for you, once or twice
I hit the floor every time.
You catch yourself near the ground,
You hardly make a sound.

You’ve built up a wall,
with a tiny keyhole,
I would pull you through
But you say it’s too small for two.

In puzzle pieces, she returns.
You’d think I’d know her by now.
I press “replay”, eagerly await
this game I allow.

It’s in the way you dig,
your head into my shoulder.
Few and far between,
but I remember everything.

I guess I’ve been burned by love,
before it even started.

Fallin’, fallin’, fallin’...
Track Name: The Line Between Us and Being
Climbing the stairs to the top of the lighthouse
Each step more heavy than the last
Looking out from the deck with the waves crashing
Will she make it back, this time around..

It’s all in my head, the waves, the sound
peeling my feet from the ground,
two stones in my shoes,
I can barely move, now.

Failure in sight in the year of the stallion.
Continue the way of the years before.
You would think I’ve learned my lesson,
but with eyes like that, how could I say no.

Until I read the words, scribbled slow
ripped from the throat I could choke
with my soft hands,
then I wake up, again.

On the edge of the dock looking out to the sea,
watching all of the lights sail away from me
Ill return tomorrow and expect just the same,
You’ve drawn the line between us and being

So I’ll lay awake and write a song about,
how I can hardly forget you now,
but somehow I’m feeling better,
How, does that make you feel?
Cause I wanna scream out, scream out
Track Name: Wind Song (Part 1)
Pack the car up, in the morning, I am leaving.
Watch the tires sink in the weight of a feeling.
Don’t know where I am going,
Or if I will ever come back.
I wanna see the bare
world without the pavement cracks.

I’ll see beauty for the first time in awhile.
Smell the flowers, wild roses, without a price.

Well how long do you think you could last?
A one man army with the world in his hands.
They’ll come looking sooner or later,
but for now relax.

I’ll send you letters of the travels of a worried friend.
Show you pictures of a landscape I could hardly pretend.
You sit in your square, hoping it will take another shape.
You hang your head and dream of a far, far, far off place.

It’s of an island filled with melody, sung by the wind.
It’s the sweetest thing you’ve heard, but it’s only in your head.

Well how long do you think you could last,
before the the girl in the mirror cuts her wrists?
Just get away for a small time,
and find your wind song.

Find your wind song, find it…
Sing your wind song...
Track Name: Wind Song (Part 2)
Run away sweet darling,
with the breeze, into the sea.
Out there you will find me
with the birds, higher than you've ever seen.

Sing your wind song...